By David Sand

David's Latest Book

Song of the Sandman

About the book

From the heart of South African born entrepreneur, David Sand, comes a compelling and authentic story about overcoming crushing defeat to re-emerging and building a multinational business, in a way that honours faith, family and community.

As you journey through these pages, you will discover how David Sand founded his business in the same year Dr Nelson Mandela birthed the new nation. But, like building a nation, his journey was far from easy, confronting him with crushing betrayals, failures and rejections to become the impactful and conscious leader he is today.

From his early foundations in Human Resources, Industrial Relations, and Training to building the global success of Uwin Iwin and captaining the international professional organisation SITE, David leads us through challenges with an authentic vulnerability that is both humbling and inspiring.

Taking heart and courage to the next level, this book shows how this businessman took hold of his second chance, using his experiences and faith to make positive impacts on his family, company, clients, community, worldwide network, and beyond.

If you have ever stumbled on your journey in pursuing your dreams and ambitions, this book will be your beacon of hope to keep on dreaming, working hard, and keep winning.

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